Holiday Office Party

Don you just hate this time of year at work? They always have an office party and of course, They are going to try something Technical. Usually something like a presentation, or a speaker.

This year was different. This year, they rented another building, and tried to have everybody participate in an online questions game. So everybody would need to go to a website on their phones, and try to be the fastest with the correct answer. Sound like a great idea!!! NOT! Cell phone coverage was abysmal in that banquet room. But wait, they have WiFi. The guest Network was capped so after a few people got on, it was unusable.

Oh wait, We have the credentials to the private network (I wish i was making this up ). Now They are wanting us to go around and help over 200 people get on this private network with their personal phones.

The Private network was asking for a cert, but you can just ignore that, but the method to ignore it is different depending on the phone.

So after getting everyone on the wifi network, they start the game… The WiFi network couldn’t handle that many people on at the same time. there were 3 Enterprise access points, and they were bombing.

Is there ever going to be a holiday party where IT gets to relax and enjoy ourselves too?

Just One More thing…

We do a lot of support for remote sites. I had a user call in today and asked for a program to be installed on their computer… Then another… Then another… Then Another…

Usually for an install like this, We would have scripted it, Not just do a one off when I am the only person on the Helpdesk, and the phone is ringing off the hook!!!

User Setup

A User called to be setup on the computer they are at and was complaining that “Program Name” wasnt working. When we asked her what the computer name she was at, she told it to us and asked if she needed to be logged in. We said yes, she then said that she needed to call us back because she had to turn the computer on.

Delayed Email

Our company had an issue with our ISP a couple weeks ago. There was a fiber cut and we lost Internet because of it.

Now… Trying to be proactive, We sent an email to our users stating the Internet was down and it would affect all outside services. We listed some of the services that it would affect and Email was on that list.  This was also at the end of the day.

All services were restored over night and the next morning, we sent another email letting our users know that everything should be up and running.

About 10 minutes later we get a call from one of our users asking why an outside email that was sent yesterday afternoon, didn’t arrive until after midnight.

User Setup on Computer

A user called, and requested to be setup on a computer that wasn’t their normal one. (This is a standard scenario at my company) I asked if they had logged in yet, and they stated NO, and that they were logged in as (Insert Random Username Here). Then the user asked if they should log off.

Now, we work in an environment where HIPAA Rules apply, So this user should KNOW better.

Attachment Issues

A user just called up for support. She had received an e-mail with an attachment, and every time she double-clicked on the Excel attachment, a spreadsheet kept popping up and getting in her way. A spreadsheet. A. Freaking. EXCEL. Spreadsheet.

It was the attachment she ‘couldn’t’ open because a spreadsheet kept getting in her way.

After explaining this to her a few times, she gave up in frustration.

Excel Issues

This one is no joke just happened to me yesterday

User: “what’s wrong with Excel? no matter what I try to print from my email prints.”
Tech: “Is it just excel files you can’t print?” (sadly I know I need to ask the question)
User: “Nope same with Word and PDF files to.”

Submitted by Justin

Turn off the Computer…

Tech: “Ok sir I think we will need to turn off your computer please hold the power button down until all the lights go out.”
User: “ok done, now what.”
Tech: “Just to make sure all the lights and noises have stopped coming out of your computer?”
User: “I still hear the fan noise and the screen is all dark now.”
Tech: “Does your screen say anything about no signal or anything else like that?”
User: “Nope”
Tech: “Sounds like we just turned off the screen and not your computer. “

Submitted by Justin

Phone Tree

Typical phone tree in tech support land:

  • Please press 1 to be placed on hold for 1 hour, then return to this menu
  • Please press 2 to be disconnected after random hold time
  • Please press 3 to go to another menu that is just as useless
  • Please press 4 to leave a callback number that we will ignore
  • At any time you may press * or # to repeat these options

Your call is important to us!

Unlocked Computer fun

A few weeks ago, one of the other technicians in the IT department left his computer unlocked when he left. We are never supposed to do this even though the IT department is behind locked doors. To teach each other a lesson when this happens, we mess with the persons computer.   This gets worse for each offense, until the person learns to lock their computer when they leave their desk.

This Technician DESPISES Trump (I can’t think of a  better word), so I changed his wall paper to a picture of Trump. (this was only his first offense)

Lol, he hasn’t t made that mistake again.

Submitted by wolfee182