Turn off the Computer…

Tech: “Ok sir I think we will need to turn off your computer please hold the power button down until all the lights go out.”
User: “ok done, now what.”
Tech: “Just to make sure all the lights and noises have stopped coming out of your computer?”
User: “I still hear the fan noise and the screen is all dark now.”
Tech: “Does your screen say anything about no signal or anything else like that?”
User: “Nope”
Tech: “Sounds like we just turned off the screen and not your computer. “

Submitted by Justin

Monitor Issues from Solar Flares

Back in the prehistoric days of computing when monitors were still tube, and before people could verify things easily on the Internet, I had a user that we’ll just call “B”.

B believed anything you told her about computers. One day her monitor turned off, and she called me up. I went over there and found she had bumped the power cord out of the power strip. So I plugged it back in, no problem. When the monitor came back up, she asked what had happened. I told her that solar flares had knocked out her power. She asked how she could stop that from happening again. I let her know that many people made tin foil hats to prevent things like that from happening if they thought the government was reading their minds, and then I left.

Fast-forward about a week. I get another call to go to her department. When I walk in, I see that she has indeed made a tinfoil hat for her monitor, and even rearranged her desk to accommodate it. That monitor and hat followed her around to two other departments before we upgraded to flat screens. It took awhile to convince her that flat panels don’t need solar flare protection…

Submitted by James M.

Wireless Monitoring Monitor

I like to keep spare monitors and such around my desk. One day a user walks in and asks how we knew she had gone to a ‘bad’ website. We didn’t really know, our firewall just blocked her and gave her a small warning…. but I saw no reason to let her know that. I pointed to the two unplugged monitors laying around my desk and said that they were set up to do pop-ups with a message when users do things they shouldn’t. She pointed to one that obviously had no cords going to it (not even power). I said, very seriously, that it monitored the “wireless” portion of our network.

To this day, she still stares at those monitors in apprehension whenever she comes into our offices. I don’t even need them there anymore, but the look on her face makes them a permanent fixture of my office.

Submitted by James M.