Turn off the Computer…

Tech: “Ok sir I think we will need to turn off your computer please hold the power button down until all the lights go out.”
User: “ok done, now what.”
Tech: “Just to make sure all the lights and noises have stopped coming out of your computer?”
User: “I still hear the fan noise and the screen is all dark now.”
Tech: “Does your screen say anything about no signal or anything else like that?”
User: “Nope”
Tech: “Sounds like we just turned off the screen and not your computer. “

Submitted by Justin

Unlocked Computer fun

A few weeks ago, one of the other technicians in the IT department left his computer unlocked when he left. We are never supposed to do this even though the IT department is behind locked doors. To teach each other a lesson when this happens, we mess with the persons computer.   This gets worse for each offense, until the person learns to lock their computer when they leave their desk.

This Technician DESPISES Trump (I can’t think of a  better word), so I changed his wall paper to a picture of Trump. (this was only his first offense)

Lol, he hasn’t t made that mistake again.

Submitted by wolfee182